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I’m going to start this off with a disclaimer, this isn’t intended to offend you ladies, just help you out. Somewhere along the lines you got the idea that you should count on your girlfriends for advice about anything. This was a very unfortunate moment for you.

If you want to get advice from your friends on shoes and clothes and makeup that’s fine, we don’t really care about that. However when it comes to getting advice on relationships with men, stop talking to your girlfriends, they are clueless. They have your best intentions at heart and I’m sure they are trying but they are wrong. If women all understood men, why would any of them need advice in the first place? Oh they wouldn’t? Ok that’s what I figured. It’s commonly understood that men don’t get women and we’ve learned to deal with it, but women somewhere got the impression that they have men figured out, and it has had disastrous consequences.

You may tell yourself “Well Cindy has been in a lot of relationships; she’ll know what to do”. The reason Cindy has been in a lot of relationships is because she sucks at them. Maybe you have a friend who has been in a relationship for a while so she must know what she’s doing right? Maybe she does but I doubt she has ever taken any advice from you because she knows you’re wrong. Think about it, if Sandy knows everything about how to make your boyfriend happy, he would be Sandy’s boyfriend. Behind every successful relationship is a coed friend. Guys figured this out a long time ago because they aren’t allowed to talk to their friends about relationships without having someone insinuating they are lacking aspects of the male anatomy. As a result guys all have one girl who they go to with relationship issues and can expect solid advice. I’m sure the winning concepts of “playing hard to get” and “trying to make him jealous” and even the silent treatment found their origin at some girl’s night over a box of Franzia. Here’s how that conversation went, Becky- “I bet guys really love being angry” Tiffany – “Yea! Let’s make a list of stuff that makes guys mad, they’re going to love us!” Becky and Tiffany died alone and miserable, metaphorically.

Taking advice from magazines like Cosmo and shows like Sex and the City are a whole different issue for another day. In the meantime, please people stop thinking your girlfriends have it figured out they are just as clueless as you, the men in your life would appreciate it.