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Posted: March 29, 2012 in Social Media
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“I am the luckiest girl in the world, my boyfriend loves me so much”
“Nobody understands what I’m going through #misshimsomuch”
“Why do girls complain about guys and just keep dating jerks?”
“OMG I just ate 3 whole slices of pizza #fatgirlprobz (upload a picture)”

These are just a small sampling of tweets and Facebook updates that immediately result in your termination from my feed. These aren’t even the worst I’ve seen just what I would call a general summary of the basics. If your life is that pathetic and sad that the only person you have to vent about it to is your social media following then it’s just about time to give up hope. This might seem a bit harsh but just think about it, if 400 people, most of whom you would walk right past in an empty hallway if you saw them, are the only people you have to complain to aren’t you doing something seriously wrong.

Girls get most of the blame but this issue is not gender specific. Some of you guys out there are killing us, seriously, man up. If you can’t get a girl to talk to you, you’re weird or creepy or just not enjoyable to be around, stop trying to throw the normal guys under the bus. Also, stop with the angry or emotional posts when your fighting with your girlfriend. We all know your just trying to get her attention and it’s embarrassing for all of us. I know society has made a lot of progress and it’s supposed to be ok for guys to be sensitive, but you still can’t cry in public so you can’t cry on Twitter.

Now ladies, what is your plan exactly? How many Taylor Swift/Adele lyrics can you post before you let it go. I’m not sure what the recovery time on a breakup is but the attention span of all of your friends on Facebook was over before you changed your relationship status. Stop blowing up our feeds with your feelings, go see a therapist. For those of you who haven’t been dumped yet, enough with the mobile pics of you kissing and tweets about loving him and is there any reason ever to write on his wall or tweet at him? You have each others phone numbers, why is it necessary that 500 people see what you’re saying to him? It’s not, you’re right so enough begging for attention. As far as the food posts go I’m not sure why you’re advertising that, that’s like a guy tweeting updates of his hairline receding.

I know I’m not the first to say it, but these things are still happening in the world today. I’m not sure if we need Sarah Mclachlan to do a depressing commercial about it but we need to keep raising awareness. It’s nothing personal, but please people just because your life is depressing doesn’t mean we have to come down with you.