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Door Etiquette

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Social Etiquette
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It’s safe to say that just about everyone has at some point either held open a door and/or had a door held open for them. This is always a polite gesture and is generally appreciated. There are some people in this world however who clearly do not understand the common courtesy of door holding. Sacrificing your valuable time in order to increase someone else’s convenience is a selfless act that should not go unappreciated. In my opinion it is these people, who do not truly appreciate the etiquette of door holding, that will cause the devolution of society. There are a few ways in which one can blatantly ignore the societal rules of door holding.

The first and most obvious is the person who doesn’t even bother with a thank you after waltzing through your held door. You can’t tell me after standing there holding a door for someone who doesn’t even bother to thank you, you don’t secretly imagine karma guiding that person into traffic.

Another violation of common door etiquette is the person who takes their sweet time getting through the door. Now as an aside, it is sometimes difficult to determine what the proper distance between a person and the door warrants a hold (I would say around 10 yards), so if someone is leading you by 50 feet nobody is expecting to sprint down the hall. In the normal case however, it is expected that a person will pick up the pace a little when they see you holding the door. Now I agree that the awkward lunge some people do through the door is unnecessary and you should have every right to trip them to the ground, but a little power walk would be appropriate, once you make it through you can get back to giggling at your boyfriends text message.

Finally the last main offense of door etiquette is the double door refusal. This occurs when you hold one door for a person and the door is immediately followed by another which is promptly slammed shut behind the person you just let through. Now I don’t know if there’s a heaven, but I can say for sure there is a special type of hell for this person. Any person who commits this offense has undoubtedly committed to two main offenses prior to that. They should have just saved you the time and told you go to “F” yourself, spit on you and insulted your mother. People like this should be thrown in prison with rapists and murderers.

These are just a few of my personal observations of the way some members of our society treat each other in this regard. Feel free to comment with any other violations or wrongs you’ve been subjected to at the hands of a door abuser, you’re not alone.